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12th January, 2021
Honouring the unremitting efforts of Public Sector as nation builders and catalysts for social transformation in the country, Standing Conference of Public Sector Enterprises (SCOPE) haslaunched ‘SCOPE Eminence Awards 2019-20.’ These awards are part of SCOPE’s commitment to honour the outstanding contribution of the Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) and their leaders to the economy at large. Among the most coveted awards recognizing outstanding contribution in PSEs, SCOPE awards have been presented by Hon’ble President of India in the past.

Amidst the changing paradigms and global exposure of PSEs, SCOPE Eminence Awards will be presented in 9 categories having 16 specific awards in areas of Corporate Governance;Digital Transformation;Women empowerment;R&D, Technology Development & Innovation; HR;Environmental excellence; Corporate Social Responsibility and Individual Leadership.