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12th November, 2020
SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises), apex body of Public Sector Enterprises welcomes the slew of measures announced by the Government as part of Atmanirbhar Bharat 3.0 to retrace the economic growth of the country, which is already showing positive signs. Mr Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE said that while the country continues to effectively combat the pandemic, the stimulus announced shall provide further boost to employment, infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, exports and also promote positive business sentiments. He specifically complimented the Government in identifying additional 10 champion sectors for taking firm steps towards boosting manufacturing and also for incentivizing construction and infrastructure sector which would be beneficial for all including the public sector. He also commended the efforts of the Government in attaining significant progress so far under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan. DG, SCOPE concluded “SCOPE appreciates the Government efforts in balancing the people and commercial aspects necessary for development and economic growth.”

15th October, 2020
The 46th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) was chaired by Mr. Rakesh Kumar CMD, NLC & Chairman, SCOPE and attended by Mr. Kishor Rungta CMD, FACT & Vice Chairman, SCOPE; Mr. Atul Sobti DG, SCOPE; Mr. Agrim Kaushal, Economic Advisor, DPE; Executive Board Members of SCOPE and senior officials of member Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs). The meeting was held through virtual as well as physical mode.

The AGM highlighted renewed efforts of SCOPE to reposition as an Innovative, Impactful and Inspiring apex body of PSEs by exploring new opportunities and resolving concerns with the support of policy makers and concerned authorities. The AGM also saw a series of new initiatives undertaken by SCOPE especially during the current pandemic period by turning Crisis into Opportunity.

During the AGM, SCOPE activities and the recent SCOPE Compendium release were presented virtually. A Knowledge Repository of SCOPE Webinar Series and their presentations conducted since lockdown, was also distributed along with the Annual Report.

12th October, 2020
Pursuant to launch of nation-wide campaign to fight the ongoing pandemic by Hon’ble Prime Minister, employees of Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), an apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) in India pledged to follow COVID - Appropriate Behaviour.

SCOPE has been working closely with the Government and PSEs to spread this low-cost high-intensity campaign with the key message to “Wear Mask, Follow Physical Distancing, Maintain Hand Hygiene.” Recently, SCOPE also brought out a Compendium highlighting the widespread initiatives undertaken by PSEs during the COVID crisis which was released by Union Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar in the presence of MoS Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal and Shri Sailesh, Secretary, DPE.

2nd October, 2020
Celebrating the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) paid floral tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at SCOPE Convention Centre, New Delhi. On this occasion, Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE garlanded the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

30th September, 2020
Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Minister Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Information & Broadcasting and Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises released Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE)’s compendium ‘Building Self Reliant, Resurgent, Resilient India - PSEs Contribution Amidst COVID-19.’ Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal , Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Mr. Sailesh, Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), Shri Atul Sobti, Director General SCOPE; Shri Rajesh K. Chaudhry, Additional Secretary, DPE; Shri Sanjay Kumar Jain, Joint Secretary, DPE were also present during the release.

The Compendium is a tribute to the tireless efforts of PSEs in combating the pandemic and ensuring economic needs even in the toughest times. Compendium shall be a good reference book and offer valuable insights into the relentless efforts of PSEs.

27th September, 2020
Disruption in technology is the future of all industries, accelerating the need for automation of processes in organisations. To reckon the impact of the same, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised a webinar titled ‘Webinar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Business Automation’ with Deloitte. Ms. Priti Ray, Partner, Deloitte India; Mr. Prasad Godbole, Director, Deloitte India; Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE and Mr. Ashutosh Vasant, Director, RailTel addressed the participants. Over 800 participants including senior officials from Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) attended the webinar through SCOPE’s various platforms.

Mr. Atul Sobti in his address stated that the pandemic has been a litmus test for business around the globe leading to rapid adoption of technologies at work. He added that in the upcoming days, a wave of technological disruptions like AI and RPA will ultimately transform the entire working system but suggested to carefully select processes to augment further.

Deloitte team with Ms. Priti Ray and Mr. Prasad Godbole made a presentation and discussed the journey of Digital transformation around the globe highlighting the quantum and pace with which technology is changing at the moment. They further discussed the advantages and challenges of Automation and encouraged PSEs to adapt the same to be more efficient and globally competitive.

Mr. Ashutosh Vasant in his address said that while the future for technological disruption is bright, the right enthusiasm and adaption of the same in PSEs can help them excel in the future.

27th August, 2020
The manifestations of the pandemic have been aplenty, especially on mental wellbeing of everyone. To address concerns regarding this, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised its International webinar in association with Famhealth on ‘COVID Pandemic and its impact on Mental Health.’ The webinar was addressed by Prof. Stefano Pallanti, Stanford University, USA; Dr. Ranjana Verma, Maryland, USA; Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE; Dr. Amitabh Saha, Max Hospitals, India and Dr. Anjali Nagpal, CMD, Serenity Clinic, India. Over 1200 participants including senior officials of PSEs attended the webinar through SCOPE’s various platforms.

Prof. Stefano Pallanti in his address highlighted the impact of the pandemic on mental health of individuals globally. He cited the urgency of looking at the virus as a major threat to the brain and the need for self assessment to overcome anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders in these crisis times.

Mr. Atul Sobti in his address said that SCOPE, as the apex organisation of PSEs in India, will continue to address challenges faced by the workforce. He also said that after addressing physical health perspective in its previous webinars, SCOPE organised this webinar to seek counsel from global experts amidst unprecedented pressure on workforce and their families.

Dr. Anjali Nagpal drew attention to the various challenges arising due to the sudden disconnect among individuals due to the pandemic. She also signified that we need to be alert and identify mental struggles being faced by our friends and family and reach out to them in times of need.

Dr. Ranjana Verma spoke about the impact of the pandemic on young minds and the adverse effects of the disruption in the rhythm of everyday life on them. She reiterated the importance of creating confidence and reassuring children in times of crisis and seeking professional help as and when needed.

Dr. Amitabh Saha in his address spoke about the biggest challenge being adjusting to the new normal mentally and gave tips to preserve mental wellbeing as the quantum of psychological stress was alarming and one of the worst seen in recent times.

18th August, 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) and International Labour Organisation (ILO), a tripartite U.N. agency signed an understanding for a Joint Study on “Women Empowerment - Adoption of Work from Home Model”. Mr Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE and Ms. Dagmar Walter, Director, ILO Decent Work Team for South Asia and Country Office for India signed the understanding virtually.

The key objective of the study is to analyse and train women in Public Sector in order to empower them and motivate them to aspire to positions of leadership and management by addressing challenges faced by them at work. The study succeeds an earlier study of SCOPE & ILO whereby a team of Network of Champions was developed to train women in Public Sector on different aspects.

12th August, 2020
As COVID acts as a key catalyst for acceleration of digital technologies, organisations need to leverage these disruptions as future will be increasingly digital. To offer an insight in the same, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised a webinar on ‘Digital Transformation in COVID 19.’ The webinar was addressed by Prof. Ashutosh Sharma,Secretary, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Mr. S.M. Vaidya, Chairman, IOCL, Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE, Mr. S. Sakthimani, Director (Finance), CCI, Mr. Sushant Rabra and Mr. Manas Majumdar, both partners in KPMG India addressed the meet. The Webinar was attended by over 2300 participants including senior official from Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) through SCOPE’s various platforms.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma in his address stated that the present era is of Industry 4.0 based on control of data, knowledge and wisdom and hence whoever is able to generate, control and build on data/ information shall succeed. He stated that it is imperative for organisations to assess their digital maturity and also where they want to reach so as to make most of the available opportunity to leverage digital tools. He also said that PSEs are strong pillars of the Indian economy and hence need to take advantage of latest technology, upskill and integrate business with emerging technologies so as to enlarge scope of organisations. Secretary, DST made a strong urge to the corporate sector to make optimal use of this clear and present opportunity to emerge stronger and skilled digitally.

Mr. Vaidya appreciated SCOPE for organising the webinar on digital transformation. While emphasizing on the need of digital transformation, he also briefed how IOCL leveraged technology for both business and employees.

Mr. Atul Sobti DG, SCOPE speaking about the digital journey stated that digital technology has broadened the horizon of business in the times of crisis. DG, SCOPE said that digital shall be the key even in post COVID times and hence the same needs to be leveraged by PSEs in order to be globally competitive. He highlighted three focus areas for PSEs in order to make most of the available opportunity – skilling, digital infrastructure and digitally enabled systems.

KPMG team presented on Digital integration in organisations during COVID and how it has brought new opportunities and innovative technologies at the threshold of all organisations. They also highlighted how digital can be utilised for value realisation for organisations.

While giving closing remarks, Mr. Sakthimani reiterated the fact that digital transformation is the requirement of the hour and hence all corporates should join hands to maximise this opportunity.

7th August, 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) and The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL),USA, engaged in learning and development with focus on effective leadership development, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to conduct a study on ‘Developing Future Fluent Leaders in PSEs.’ The MoU was signed between Mr Atul Sobti, Director General SCOPE and Mr. Muniinder Anand, MD-India & South Asia, CCL.

The MoU aims at conducting a study on assessing the prevailing leadership gaps and curating a learning module on developing effective and efficient leaders in the Indian Public Sector. The study shall adopt a qualitative and quantitative research methodologybased on responses and experiences of the present leadership which would be further analyzed to identify relevant skills, mind sets, and experiences for future-fluent PSE leader in India.

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises and GIZ Germany, a German public-benefit federal enterprise, announces the launch of capacity gap assessment study for PSEs in India to build their capacity on issues related to climate change including climate policy, finance, and carbon pricing. The study shall be followed by a training module which will be developed based on the pre-assessment survey and review of national and international best practices to mitigate carbon emissions. The study and training module is being developed under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the parties.

This is a significant step amidst the urgent need to address the universal challenge of climate change. The capacity building exercise shall focus on creating general awareness amongst PSEs on issues and concerns pertaining to climate change while developing sectoral mitigation strategies for PSEs to improve their understanding, willingness, and capacity on climate change. The study would ensure achieving efficiency in resource utilization leading to reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and integration of policies and measures on climate change at the corporate level so as to improve the GHG mitigation potential.

6th July, 2020
The quest for sustainable employment and creating a safe, equitable and dynamic workplace has accelerated amidst the ongoing pandemic. Offering insights into the same, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organized a webinar titled ‘ILO’s response to the pandemic - Learning and Sharing of Global Practices’ in association with International Labour Organisation (ILO). Ms. Dagmar Walter, Director, ILO DWT South Asia; Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE; Dr. R. K. Elangovan, DG FASLI, Ministry of Labour & Employment; Mr. Ravi Peiris, Senior Specialist, ILO; Mr. Tsuyoshi Kawakami, Senior Specialist, ILO and Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Director, Personnel, WCL addressed the meet. Nearly 500 participants including senior official from PSEs attended the webinar through SCOPE’s various platforms.

Ms. Walter speaking about the global job scenario emphasised that the pandemic has affected both quality and quantity of jobs and measures taken to ensure worker protection, stimulate economic and labour demand; support employment and incomes and using social dialogue between government, workers and employers can only help overcome this crisis.

Mr. Sobti in his address said that the present scenario is one of the toughest faced by employers and so there is an inherent need for everyone to have an optimistic approach and ensure worker safety while adapting to the ‘New Normal’. He also mentioned that SCOPE and ILO are working closely in bringing forth the issues related to labour and work.

Mr. Peiris highlighted the importance of survival and resilience through social dialogue between employers and employees and signified the ability of adapting to change as the biggest asset for any organisation. He suggested employers to not only focus on the future but also the present, in order to succeed.

Dr. Elangovan spoke about the need for detailed preparedness amidst the ‘New Normal’ and shared views on Pandemic Response Procedure that ensure safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders.

Mr. Kawakami spoke about ILO’s guidelines with regard to securing health and safety at workplaces. Talking about causes of spread of the virus he gave practical tips like reducing human to human contact at workplaces and equipping workers with the appropriate equipment.

Dr. Kumar stated that the key take away from the webinar was to acquire learning’s from the past and present to establish a futuristic organization.

Dialogue with Globally Acclaimed Medical Experts from USA and India

28th June, 2020
Expanding its horizons in capacity building with an array of distinctive topics, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised its 11th webinar titled ‘Enhancing Corporate Health during Corona crisis’ with globally acclaimed medical experts from USA and India. Dr. Navin C. Nanda, Distinguished professor, Medicine & Cardiovascular Diseases, University of Alabama, USA, Ms. Mona Jauhar, Chief Functional Nutritionist, Founder President, Mechanism Wellness, New York, Dr. H.K. Chopra, President, World Wellness Foundation & Chief Consultant Cardiologist ,Moolchand Medicity Hospital, Mr. Atul Sobti DG,SCOPE and Dr. Anil Pareek, President, Medical Affairs and Clinical Research, IPCA addressed the participants. Around 2500 participants with their families joined in the interactive session LIVE through various platforms of SCOPE & IPCA. The webinar will also be telecasted on Tata Sky Famhealth channel for people to take continued benefit of the advice by medical experts Dr. Nanda, also known as face of Cardiology emphasised on Indians being at high risk of heart diseases. With the renewed risk factors amidst COVID times, he asserted the need for dietary management, good nutrition and physical activity to improve wellness of the heart. Calling sedentary lifestyle the new cancer, he advised all to be constantly on the move and base diets on plant based food.

Dr. Chopra besides giving various health tips to fight corona stated that a positive mindset is the biggest weapon against the disease and therefore optimism is true prevention.

Mr. Sobti stated that this crisis has brought awareness of health to the forefront and spoke about the paramount importance of overall wellness of employees at this time. He also highlighted the relentless support of Public Sector Enterprises during the crisis and assured the continued efforts of SCOPE in capacity building.

Ms. Jauhar discussed the interconnectedness of the human body and gave tips to build immunity and resilience through eating right. She signified the impact of a good balanced and premeditated diet to achieve overall fitness of the body and mind. Dr. Pareek in his address encapsulated the salient points deliberated and suggested all to follow them for a healthy life.

23rd June, 2020
With the new realm of challenges amidst the ongoing pandemic, the need for public service has catapulted. To address the same, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised its 10th Webinar on ‘Action Today, Impact Tomorrow: Learning from Mahatma Gandhi on contribution for Public Service.’ Dr. Anantha Duraiappah, Director, UNESCO, MGIEP, Mr. Atul Sobti DG, SCOPE and Mr. S. Sakthimani, Director (Finance), CCI and Member, SCOPE Executive Board addressed the webinar held to commemorate the United Nations Public Service Day. Around 300 participants attended the webinar through SCOPE’s various social platforms.

Dr. Anantha Duraiappah in his address inspired by the rationale of Mahatma Gandhi said that while the pandemic has challenged the economic situation globally, it is time to take behavioral inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi to tackle the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding us. He also emphasized the importance of building emotional resilience and providing public service through empathy, compassion and mindfulness.

Mr. Atul Sobti stated that the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi not only led a life of selfless service but also set benchmarks in leadership, humanity, patriotism and management and in this time of crisis it is only pertinent to follow his teachings. He also highlighted the role of Public Sector Enterprises in supplementing the efforts of the Government and stated that they have been playing a critical role in the same. He emphasized that only public service done in true spirit brings an actual difference in people’s lives.

Mr. S. Sakthimani reflecting on the teachings of Mahatma said that besides public service, one lesson that we must all imbibe is achieving self reliance and manufacture locally to attain self sufficiency and be globally competitive.

21st June, 2020

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), an apex body of Public Sector, held a virtual yoga session commemorating the 6th International Yoga Day on the theme ‘Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family.’ Mr. Atul Sobti DG, SCOPE addressed the participants and emphasised that amidst these uncertain present times, practicing yoga can help achieve a fine balance in one’s life by creating harmony of mind, body and soul and therefore it should not be confined to a single day but be practiced regularly.

Yoga Acharya Saurav Sameer of Holistic Yoga took the participants through several yoga and meditation practices to accentuate their health. SCOPE as part of employee welfare continues to organise regular yoga sessions.

4th June, 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised its 9th Virtual Symposium on ‘CPSEs Strategies to Respond, Recover and Thrive to combat the pandemic’ chaired by Mr. Sailesh, IAS, Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises. Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Chairman, SCOPE & CMD, NLCIL; Mr. Kishor Rungta, Vice Chairman, SCOPE & CMD, FACT; Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE; Mr. Arindam Guha, Partner, Government & Public Service, Deloitte India and Mr. Anandorup Ghose, Partner, Human Capital, Deloitte India also addressed the participants. The panellists deliberated on measures PSEs need to navigate through these challenging times. The interactive symposium received an overwhelming response with over 1000 participants including CMDs, Directors of PSEs in attendance on SCOPE’s social platforms.

Mr. Sailesh while complimenting PSEs for sustaining the supply chain and essential services through the pandemic stated that there was need for up scaling their knowledge in the new normal through technology and digital intervention. Speaking about paradigm of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ introduced by the Government, Mr. Sailesh added that there were high expectations from PSEs to increase investment, innovate and stay relevant by competing not only domestically but globally. He also added that PSEs need to perform with their usual vigour and strength to thrive and also said that SCOPE has an important role in the aspect of representing the view of PSEs in various forums.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar speaking about the large scale pandemic of COVID 19 suggested that PSEs have a key role to equip themselves and respond to this as a renewed opportunity.

Mr. Atul Sobti said PSEs are working continually to respond and minimise impact of pandemic to thrive in the changing business models while leveraging technology and apprised participants that SCOPE will be bringing out a Compendium on ‘Efforts of PSEs to Combat COVID-19’ to highlight the initiatives taken by them.

Mr. Kishor Rungta said that such virtual symposiums are a great opportunity for PSEs to learn from experts and adapt the best practices in their organisations.

The Deloitte team gave a presentation on the need for PSEs and organisations to be agile and adapt to the new normal while adopting new skill sets for the entire workforce. They also highlighted that it is most critical for organisations to be resilient.

25th May, 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) in a bid to infuse positivity and mental well-being among Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) during this pandemic situation, hosted an interactive Webinar with one of the world’s most revered spiritual leaders and founder of The Art of Living, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Chief Executives of leading PSEs including Shri Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Chairman, SAIL; Shri Pramod Agrawal, CMD, CIL; Shri Rakesh Kumar, CMD, NLCIL and Chairman, SCOPE; Dr. Nalin Shinghal, CMD, BHEL and Shri Manoj Jain, CMD,GAIL. The webinar was hosted by Shri Atul Sobti DG, SCOPE. The Session titled ‘Leading through Unchartered Waters’ aimed at bestowing spiritual guidance and achieving mental wellness in these times of isolation. The live streaming of the interaction was viewed by many through social media platforms of SCOPE and Art of Living. The interactive session was followed by Global Meditation session with devotees from 142 countries.

Reaching out to his viewers in his reflective style, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar infused anecdotes to reiterate that the biggest challenge was to remain positive in these times of crisis. He emphasized on meditation for harmonizing body, mind and emotions and the importance of cooperation among all. He advised PSEs to skill the youth in the country, create employment opportunities and update themselves to be globally competitive. He also encouraged everyone to adapt a ‘Sakaratmak’ mode and rise to the occasion rather than succumbing to it.

Shri Atul Sobti DG, SCOPE while thanking Guruji for the blessed interaction highlighted the role of PSEs in the economy and their efforts in times of crisis and stated that this was the most cherished moment in SCOPE’s digital journey

The Chief Executives on the panel asked pragmatic questions that were candidly responded to by Guruji who advised them to tread ahead with self-belief and perseverance as like any crisis faced by humans, this too shall pass.

23rd May, 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), the apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) organised Webinar on ‘Issues in Arbitration and Future of Virtual Hearings.’ The webinar was addressed by distinguished experts including Justice Vibhu Bakhru, Judge, Delhi High Court, Mr. Gaurav Pachnanda, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court and Mr. Shourav Lahiri, Barrister-at-law, London. Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE gave the opening remarks and Mr. Anuj Aggarwal, Member (HR), Airport Authority of India gave the closing remarks . The webinar, 7th in the series, deliberated upon critical issues of arbitration arising in Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) and how the disruptions due to COVID 19 are being converted as opportunities to explore technological and digital means to conduct hearings. The interactive session received an overwhelming response as over 500 participants including board members, Legal heads and other senior members of PSEs attended. Participants were also apprised about the role of SCOPE Forum of Conciliation and Arbitration (SFCA) in institutional arbitration.

Justice Vibhu Bakhru in his address stated that law metamorphosises itself all the time and in the times to come, arbitration is bound to grow and develop as it ensures expeditious disposal of cases. He emphasised that for arbitration to succeed as one of the modes of dispute settlement, institutions like SFCA need to be strengthened. He added that virtual hearings in arbitration are a reality and despite the challenges being faced, arbitrators need to train as it may soon become the norm.

Mr. Pachnanda spoke about how law in India has developed with respect to unilateral appointment of arbitrators. Speaking about virtual hearings, he said the true challenge lies in the context of trials and lawyers will require both time and practice to become comfortable with it.

Mr. Lahiri in his address spoke about International best practices being followed for selection of arbitrators and added that in International arbitration, virtual hearings have been followed for a long time as they expedite the process and are cost effective.

Mr. Atul Sobti in his address highlighted that India has improved in Ease of Doing Business rankings as Government has taken a series of steps to make India an investment hub but steps need to be taken in area of enforcing of contracts. He also spoke about SFCA’s role and future of arbitration through virtual arbitration.

14th May, 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), the apex body of PSEs organised its 6th Webinar on ‘Financial Planning and Liquidity Management in Current Pandemic Scenario’ with eminent experts from KPMG to address the concerns and need for effective financial planning and liquidity management. The interactive webinar saw the participation of over 300 PSE executives including CMDs and Directors.

The webinar was addressed by Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE, Mr. Kishor Rungta, CMD, FACT & Vice Chairman, SCOPE and Mr. A.K. Tiwari, Director (Finance), GAIL. KPMG team comprising of Mr. Venkateswaran Narayanan, Partner, KPMG India and Mr. Shamit Mukherjee, Partner, KPMG India presented the initiatives of the Government to ease liquidity for the corporates and along with possible corporate behaviour and planning that can help the achieve effective financial planning with liquidity. They highlighted how the top management should follow good discipline with respect to cash, capital, cost and customer to ease liquidity pressures on their companies

In his address Mr. Atul Sobti complimented the PSEs in being committed to the nation to overcome the current crisis. He added that the webinar is very timely given the stimulus package announced by the Government to manage corporate liquidity. He further said that while the given situation is a pandemic but with efficient planning and management, organisations can strike a balance in optimising operations and use of resources.

Mr. Rungta spoke about the handholding role being played by the PSEs and the need to not focus on maximising profit but minimising loss by all organisations. Mr. Tiwari in his closing remarks appreciated SCOPE in addressing the subject in a timely manner and urged the public sector to focus on relationships and then profit.

13th May, 2020
SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises), apex body of Public Sector Enterprises welcomes the economic stimulus package of the Government to spur the economic growth and build a self-reliant and resilient India.

Mr Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE while appreciating the commitment of the Government said that the thrust given to various sectors through the economic stimulus would go a long way in bringing the economy back on a growth trajectory. “While the Government continues its responsibility towards migrants and the poor, the financial and other measures to MSMEs would play a significant role in boosting the Make in India initiative thereby making the country self-reliant on varied aspects. The impetus to MSMEs shall play a special role for the public sector as PSEs make 25% of its procurements from the said sector.” DG SCOPE added.

SCOPE also welcomes measures with respect to liquidity infusion in NBFCs, contractors and realty along with reduction of TDS/TCS rates which would ensure increase liquidity in the hands of common man thereby making way for increased demand.

30th April 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), the apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) successfully organised Webinar on Future of Work in the New Normal (CPSE Perspective)’ in association with Deloitte. The webinar, 5th in the series of SCOPE Webinars, aimed at making various strategies that organizations would need from a people and process standpoint to ensure they thrive in the present situation of COVID 19 and thereafter. Special e-issue of SCOPE’s monthly magazine Kaleidoscope encompassing PSEs contribution to economy and the role being played by them in Fight against COVID 19 was released on the occasion.

The webinar was addressed by Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE and Mr. Sunil Kumar, Director (HR&EB),MTNL, Mr. Ankur Walunjkar, Partner, Human Capital and Mr. Pratik N. Mehta, Partner, Human Capital, Deloitte India presented the role of virtual office spaces in the present times and also discussed the need for organisations to revisit their work, employee relevance in digital workspace, alternative workplace models, work from home policies and requirement of new skill sets required by employees. The webinar received an overwhelming response of over 500 participants including several senior members of the Public Sector fraternity.

Mr. Atul Sobti in his address highlighted that every challenge presents with a new opportunity which can be replicated in the present crisis. He also added that while Work from Home may become the new normal in times to come, but there would be equal number of challenges associated. However, by developing nimble and agile operating models and adopting new ways of working, the same can be resolved.

Mr. Sunil Kumar complemented SCOPE for conducting webinars on subjects most relevant to PSEs and highlighted the need for organisations to be agile in adopting the new work forms.

26th April 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), the apex body of public sector enterprises (PSEs) in continuation of its endeavour for creating a conducive policy and business environment for PSEs organised an interactive webinar with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) on ‘Ease of Doing Business Initiatives & Business Continuity Measures undertaken by MCA during COVID19’. Mr. Manoj Pandey, Joint Secretary, MCA interacted with participants on steps taken to sensitise and facilitate corporates to meet the challenges arising out of COVID 19 besides new initiatives to make business in India corporate friendly and simplified. The webinar was also addressed by Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Chairman, SCOPE & CMD, NLC, Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE and Mr. S. Sakthimani, Director (Finance) CCI. The webinar was attended by over 260 participants including several senior members of the public sector fraternity.

Mr. Manoj Pandey highlighted the business continuity measures of the Government during the lockdown in the form of virtual offices, regular interactions with industrial bodies, use of online platforms to handle grievances etc. During the presentation, he also highlighted the Government initiatives to provide a simplified business platform to corporates. He explained the use of new Web form - Spice+ whereby multiple compliances for registration are done through a single window system, electronic filings and settlement through e-office etc.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar in his address to the participants said that the global slump in demand and limited resources can decelerate growth and PSEs role therefore becomes important. He also said that Government’s constructive role and investor friendly schemes can help the country become a preferred destination for investment. He also encouraged PSEs to adapt innovative platforms like digitalization and utilize opportunities like these webinars to progress their learning.

Mr. Atul Sobti in his address expressed the significance of rising virtual platforms which offer greater access to a wider audience and a great opportunity. Taking cue from Hon’ble Prime Minister, he said that this pandemic has taught us to be self-reliant and self-dependent and PSEs can play a vital role in the country. Mr. Sobti also said that India has achieved a significant leap in Ease of Doing Business rankings with the efforts of the Government and PSEs must make best use of the facilities offered.

Mr. S.Sakhthimani said that while COVID is a global pandemic, it offers multiple opportunities to PSEs for excellence in performance.

21st April 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised the 3 rd webinar of the SCOPE Webinar Series 2020 titled ‘Economic Impact of COVID- CPSEs Perspective’ with Deloitte as knowledge partner. SCOPE has recently introduced live webinars on relevant topics imperative for capacity building of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs). Based on the overwhelming response, SCOPE will continue to host webinars to enhance competitiveness in PSEs.

Mr. Kishore Rungta, CMD, FACT and Vice Chairman, SCOPE and Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE also addressed the webinar that was attended by over 250 participants including several senior members of PSEs. Deloitte team comprised of Mr. Romal Shetty, President, Consulting and Mr. Nitin Kini, Partner who addressed implications, opportunities and Issues for PSEs with regard to COVID, how to strengthen India’s position as a strategic export , supply chain partner and shared practices adopted by SOEs around the world.

Mr. Kishor Rungta said that organisations need to adopt the latest trends to stay adrift in times of crisis and PSEs always formulate strategies to face any crisis which has helped them in playing a major role in the economy. He also encouraged the attendees to take maximum benefit of these webinars as they provide a great learning opportunity.

Mr. Atul Sobti stated that COVID 19 is bringing a major change in business models globally. He emphasised that organisations that expeditiously change and adopt the new formats are the ones that will emerge stronger and added that SCOPE will continue to host webinars on specific topics that are most relevant in present environment.

11th April, 2020
Secretary, DPE commends PSEs efforts in socio economic development of the country, compliments SCOPE

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) for the first time organized Series of Webinars as part of Public Sector Day celebrations which was observed on 10th April 2020. In light of the pressing situation due to COVID 19 pandemic, SCOPE has planned modified programmes, part of which are the series of live webinar on issues relevant to Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs). On the occasion of Public Sector Day, Mr. Sailesh, Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) in his message, commended the efforts of PSEs in socio-economic development of the country as well as their contribution in supplementing the Government efforts to contain COVID 19 outbreak. He also complimented SCOPE for its capacity building programs to enhance excellence in PSEs and complementing PSEs efforts in this challenging time.

In the series, two Webinars on “International EPC contracting: A Legal Perspective” by Mr. Shourav Lahiri, Barrister-at-law, London and “Climate Change-Role of Indian PSUs and Impact of COVID-19” by Dr. Ashish Chaturvedi, India Director of GIZ Germany have been organized. Many Webinars on various subjects are being planned in the coming days.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar CMD, NLC India Ltd. and Chairman, SCOPE, Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE and SCOPE Board Members Mr. S. Sakthimani, Director (Finance), CCI, Mr. Ashutosh Vasant, Director (POM), RailTel and Dr. S.P. Mohanty CMD, HIL besides many senior officials were present during the webinars which saw the participation of over 200 attendees from various PSEs.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar, while greeting everyone on Public Sector Day encouraged them to take these webinars as a learning opportunity and commended them for participating in large numbers.

DG, SCOPE said that this was the very first time SCOPE has conducted such virtual conferences and symposiums as every Crisis can also be seen as an opportunity. He added that SCOPE will continue bring the best learning experience to its members by merging technology and capacity building process.

8th April, 2020
Employees of Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), the apex organisation of Public Sector Enterprises in India contributed their one day salary to the PMCARES Fund, to combat the COVID 19 epidemic. It is the privilege of SCOPE to partake in the nation’s resolve to overcome the biggest calamity of recent times.

As responsible corporate citizens, Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) have always remained at the vanguard to respond effectively to national priorities. Even during this ongoing crisis, PSEs stand committed and have come forward to supplement the efforts of the Government. SCOPE is working closely with its member enterprises to compile initiatives taken by them and bring to forefront their imperative contribution.

27th March 2020
SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises), apex body of Public Sector Enterprises welcomes the proactive steps by the Government and RBI to address the financial and economic stress created on industry and common man due to the Corona Virus breakout.

Mr Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE said that the Government of India is coming out with timely measures so as to ensure no undue stress is created on any part of the society. He added that easing of compliance deadlines, rate cuts and extension of moratorium will ease out some of the financial pressures while deferment of interest on working capital loans shall bring immediate relief to the industry and reduction of CRR shall increase liquidity in the economy.

SCOPE also appreciated the relief announced by the Government for weaker section of the society and reiterated that the insurance cover to the frontline COVID 19 warriors is a gratitude for their selfless ‘seva’ at this critical time. “While the Government continues to make sincere attempts to minimise concerns in the present crisis, it is the moral responsibility of the public at large to follow the lockdown and ‘stay at home’ to fight the deadly Virus”, DG SCOPE added.

3rd March 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), an apex body of PSEs, organized a program on ‘Management of Contract Labour, Compliance of Labour Laws with special reference to Code of Wages 2019’. Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Labour & Employment inaugurated the program. Shri Heeralal Samaraiya, Secretary (L&E), Shri Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE, Shri Ravi Peiris, Senior Specialist, ILO and Shri Inderjit Singh, Former Chief Labour Commissioner also addressed the participants during the inaugural session..

In his inaugural address, Shri Gangwar spoke about the initiatives taken by the Government to simplify and transform labour laws in the country. He emphasized that not seeing labour as a commodity will result in reduction of labour disputes and enhance economic growth and better working conditions in the country.

Shri Samaraiya spoke about the need for safeguarding workers in the country. He added that simplified labour laws will enable right to minimum wages, timely payment and social security to majority of the working population of the country.

Shri Sobti said various reforms, policy initiatives taken by the government has led to India’s improved ease of doing business ranking to 63 from 114 for the year 2014. The ongoing labour reforms will further improve this ranking.

The program saw the presence of a large number of representatives from 32 PSEs.

14th February 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organized a program on International Arbitration and Global Best Practices at SCOPE Convention Centre, New Delhi. Shri Shourav Lahiri, renowned international arbitration lawyer, Shri Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE and Dr. S.B. Mitra, ED (Law & HR), GAIL addressed the participants. The seminar was attended by several senior executives of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) and empanelled arbitrators of SCOPE Forum of Conciliation and Arbitration (SFCA).

Speaking at the seminar, DG, SCOPE said Arbitration plays a major role in making a country an investment hub as faster resolution of disputes can help achieve investor confidence. He emphasised that with the increased volume of International trade, PSEs need to constantly update their knowledge of International arbitration.

Shri Lahiri shared Global Best practices in drafting, preparing and winning arbitration and encouraged the participants towards understanding and adopting settlements before going to arbitration to save time and resources.

ED (Law & HR), GAIL shared his view on the need to understand and learn from Global best practices to efficiently overcome the challenges in the field of arbitration.

11th February, 2020
Forum of Women in Public Sector (WIPS) under the aegis of SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises) organized the 30th National Meet in Hyderabad on the theme ‘Power to Transform- Decision to Action’ for Public Sector women employees. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, Hon’ble Governor of Telegana in the presence of Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE, who also delivered the keynote address.

The program was attended by more than 600 women employees from PSEs located across the country. In her address, Dr. Soundararajan commending the role of WIPS said women born with the inherent power to transform into different roles all through their life must also prioritize their health and well being to attain ideal work-life balance.

Mr. Sobti in his address stated that empowerment of women has gained top priority across the globe and though women constitute a significant part of the labour force in India, efforts need to be made to escalate their representation, especially at senior level positions.

SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises) organized a strategic meet of Senior Management of Central Public Sector Enterprises with Shri Ajit Seth, IAS (Retd.), Distinguished Fellow, Office of Principal Scientific Adviser and Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology at SCOPE Convention Centre, New Delhi. Shri Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE also addressed the meet. The participants deliberated on ways PSEs can contribute in inculcating Scientific Social Responsibility and developing linkages between science and society by providing technical and scientific solutions. CMDs and Directors of major PSEs attended the meeting.

SCOPE organized program on “Implications of Union Budget 2020” to familiarize Public Sector executives about the Budget, which was also Webcast live. Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE, Mr. S.K. Gupta Director (Finance), IOCL ,Prof. N.R. Bhanumurthy of National Institute of Public Finance & Policy and Mr. Sumit Singhania, Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP. addressed the inaugural session.

4th February, 2020
Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE in his address appreciated Government’s strong impetus to both investment and consumption - the key drivers in boosting the economy. Calling the budget inspirational, Mr. Sobti said the focus on all sectors has given Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) a more imperative role in contribution to the overall economy.

Mr. Gupta, Director (Finance), IOCL laid emphasis on Direct and Indirect Taxes as tax management is a very important topic leading to savings in organisations.

Prof. Bhanumurthy gave the macro perspective of the Budget and said that it addressed several issues while aiming to make India $5 trillion economy. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP., the knowledge partner of the program gave presentations on various aspects of Union Budget 2020 during the program, which was attended by a large number of senior officials of PSEs.

30th January 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organized a programme on ‘Ethical Governance: The Gandhian Way’ coinciding with 72nd Martyrs’ Day.

On this occasion, floral tribute was paid to Mahatma Gandhi by Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE, Smt. Shobhana Radhakrishna, Eminent Gandhian, Dr. H.K. Chopra, Chief Cardiologist, Moolchand Medcity and Mr. Atul Srivastava Director (Personnel), SAIL. They spoke on Gandhian philosophy and ideals, still relevant in today’s time. Special Issue of SCOPE’s monthly magazine KALEIDOSCOPE titled ‘Ethical Governance: The Gandhian Way’ was also released on the occasion. Large number of senior executives from public sector enterprises attended the programme.

27th January 2020
SCOPE Academy of Public Sector Enterprise (APSE) has commenced the Executive Development Program on the theme “The Career Journey to Personal Effectiveness and Leadership’’ at SCOPE Minar, New Delhi. Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises) inaugurated the program. Participants from 14 public sector enterprises are attending the program.

Mr. Sobti in his inaugural address informed that the long term vision of the SCOPE Academy is to create a talent pool and a PSE cadre of its own for better succession planning. He emphasized that corporate executives must understand current market and operational challenges and avail the emerging opportunities in transforming existing capabilities into competitive advantage in order to create value for their organizations.

DG, SCOPE said business organizations operating in the competitive environment have to devise and execute competitive strategies to survive and grow. This capacity is contingent on their ability to invest, develop and utilize human capital which is now widely regarded as the primary driver of organizational performance, Mr. Sobti added.

7th January, 2020
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organized an interactive meet of Director (Finance) of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs). The meeting was chaired by Director General, SCOPE, Mr. Atul Sobti while Director (Finance), Cement Corporation of India Ltd. and Executive Board Member, SCOPE Mr. S. Sakthimani presented the program perspective and Director (Finance), Projects & Development India Limited and Executive Board Member, SCOPE Mr. D. S. Sudhakar Ramaiah proposed the Vote of Thanks. Director (Finance) NTPC, Mr. A. K. Gautam, Director (Finance) BHEL, Mr. Subodh Gupta, Director (Finance) SAIL, Mr. Amit Sen, Director (Finance) IOCL Mr. S. K. Gupta were amongst the people who participated in the meet.

Financial issues and concerns along with best practices in financial management were discussed in the meeting. Also, a brief presentation was made on Pre Budget Memorandum submitted by SCOPE (basis inputs received from various PSEs) to the Hon’ble Finance Minister. SCOPE’s initiative to organise such meetings was highly appreciated by the participants and unanimous request was made by the participants to hold such meetings at regular intervals. The meet was attended by over 40 Finance Heads of leading PSEs.