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Compendium and short film exhibiting Climate Action by PSEs launched
MoU between SCOPE & GIZ, Germany signed

Pursuant to its endeavours of mitigating Climate Crisis, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) in collaboration with GIZ, Germany organized a program on ‘Climate Action initiatives by Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) in India', showcasing role of PSEs in reducing carbon footprint, despite operating in hard to abate sectors. Dr Philipp Ackermann, German Ambassador to India; Mr. Gurdeep Singh, CMD, NTPC; Mr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Chairman, SCOPE and CMD, GAIL; Mr. Pawan Kumar, Principal Adviser, DPE; Dr. Julie Reviere, Country Director, GIZ India; Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE addressed the event in presence of senior officials from DPE, GIZ, and various PSEs. During the program, a first-of-its-kind Compendium on ‘Initiatives towards Building Low-Carbon Economy’ and a short film on ‘Climate Action and Green Initiatives by PSEs’ highlighting endeavours of PSEs in hard-to-abate sector were launched. This was followed by signing of a new MoU between SCOPE & GIZ-Germany to develop solutions to achieve sustainable and economic urban and industrial development.

Initiatives towards building a law-carbon economy

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) & Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), USA released first of its kind study on ‘Future-Fluent Nation Builders: State of Leadership in Public Sector Enterprises’ assessing skill gaps and identifying skill sets to curate a learning module for potential leaders for the future. The study was released in the presence of Sister BK Shivani, internationally renowned spiritual speaker; Ms. Soma Mondal, Chairman, SAIL & Chairperson, SCOPE; Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE; Mr. Pradip Kumar Das, CMD, IREDA; Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Director (HR), IOCL. Ms. Elisa Mallis; Mr. Muniinder K. Anand and Mr. Sunil Puri from CCL were also present for the release which was followed by motivational talk on leadership by Sister BK Shivani.

Sister BK Shivani during her motivational talk shared that anyone can be a leader if they have the right approach and empathy. She emphasised on the need for authenticity of thoughts, harmony in mind and words, need for spiritual, emotional and intelligence quotient in order to be future ready.

Ms. Soma Mondal in her address said that leaders today need to introspect on how to change and adapt to today’s business environment, in order to be future ready. She added that as PSE leaders face a greater challenge to perform, the focus should be to attain contentment and focus for self, team and stakeholders on the whole.

Mr. Atul Sobti enunciating the significant role of PSE leaders in evolving the PSEs in accordance with changing times, stated that this milestone study was SCOPE’s endeavour of preparing robust, future ready and visionary leaders. He shared that this study was being released as part of Public Sector Day celebrations, that honours the integral role of PSEs in the socio-economic development of the nation.

Ms. Elisa Mallis stated that enlightened leadership is key for overcoming challenges and the aim of leaders should be to evolve both through their heart and mind.

Mr. Muniinder K. Anand said that as the strength of the industrial and socio-economic fabric of the nation depends on the future fluency of its leaders, this study focuses on PSE leaders, who are nation builders and work beyond commercial prudence.

Mr. Pradip Kumar Das, highlighting the importance of ‘walk the talk’, said that in order to excel as leaders and guide others, one needs to imbibe, follow and bring about changes in oneself

Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra complimented the comprehensive presentation of leadership in PSEs in the Report and encouraged the PSEs to consider the way ahead suggested in the Report.

Giving a succinct look at the report, Mr. Sunil Puri shared glimpses of the study that provides a four-pronged approach to India’s future PSE leadership.

SCOPE and Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), USA release Report on Future-Fluent Nation Builders: State of Leadership in Public Sector Enterprises in India

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) & GIZ, Germany launched a comprehensive report on ‘Low-Carbon and Climate-Resilient Pathways for Indian Public Sector Enterprises- Training and Capacity Needs Assessment’ to address the ways and means for building capacities for developing climate resilient pathways. The report was released in the presence of Mr. Gurdeep Singh, CMD, NTPC; Mr. Agrim Kaushal, Adviser, DPE, Ministry of Finance; Dr. Steffen Koch, Minister & Head of Economic Department and Globalisation, German Embassy; Mr. Mohamed El-Khawad, Cluster Coordinator, GIZ India; Mr. O.P.Singh, Director, ONGC; Mr. Santanu Roy, ED, GAIL India Limited and Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE. The launch was attended by several Senior officials of PSEs from across the country.

Given the fact that PSEs are involved in hard to abate sectors creating an inherent impact on the environment, SCOPE has collaborated with GIZ to raise awareness and creating capacities of PSEs towards global Climate Change Mitigation through studies & research, workshops, pilot initiatives and e-certification course.

Mr. Gurdeep Singh stated that Climate Change is invariably one of the most pertinent topics today and enunciated that though PSEs are undertaking individual actions, there is need for synergised efforts for which SCOPE can create a confluence of ideas by PSEs towards achieving various sustainability targets as a nation.

Mr. Agrim Kausal addressed the participants by appreciating SCOPE on the apt timing of the study as Climate crisis is among topmost concerns globally and encouraged participants to analyse and prepare pathways for a green plan.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Atul Sobti emphasised that this study is a game changer and not a mere a desk study. He emphasized that besides skill enhancement, a pipeline of activities in the form of Compendium and short features to highlight the innovations and initiatives towards reducing carbon footprint by PSEs is also being developed.
Mr. Mohamed El-Khawad stated that as Climate Change impacts the triple bottom line of business which is economic, environmental and social so PSEs need to be involved strenuously for which this study is an important referral point.

Calling GIZ-SCOPE collaboration an imperative step in Indo-German partnership, Dr. Steffen Koch said that PSEs through efforts like low Carbon emissions have been meeting strategic climate targets but as they are strategic for the nation’s climate agenda more needs to be done.

Giving the closing remarks, Mr. O. P. Singh, congratulated SCOPE for the launch of a very critical study and emphasised on synergising efforts of PSEs.
Mr. Santanu Roy delivered the vote of thanks and complimented SCOPE on a very important study.

SCOPE –ILO study provides a very useful starting point for Guidelines and policy on WfH: Ms. Anuradha Prasad, Special Secretary, MoLE

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) & International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva released a comprehensive study on ‘Impact of Work from Home’ (WfH) on Women Executives and Managers in Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) in India with Guidelines for a Gender Sensitive WfH Policy in PSEs.  The report was released virtually in the presence of Ms. Anuradha Prasad, Special Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Employment; Ms. Dagmar Walter, Country Director, ILO; Ms. Soma Mondal, Chairman, SAIL and Chairperson, SCOPE; Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE; Mr. Ranjan Mohapatra, Chairperson, Director (HR), IOCL & Chairperson, SCOPE HR Committee and Ms. Sanchir Tugschimeg, Senior Advisor, ILO, Geneva. Dr. Malika Basu, Consultant, ILO gave a presentation of the report. The launch was attended by about 366 participants.

On the occasion, Ms. Anuradha Prasad complimented SCOPE-ILO on undertaking the study on a very topical subject. She further shared that while the Govt. has notified Draft Model Standing Order 2020 under the Industrial Relations Code for Service Sector in which specific provisions have been made for Work from Home(WfH) subject to specified conditions and as detailed guidelines need to be evolved, SCOPE –ILO study provides a very useful starting point for such guidelines and policy.

Ms. Dagmar Walter stated that the study is a landmark moment in SCOPE- ILO association and has reiterated the need for creation of an inclusive workplace to upsurge women participation in workforce.

Calling it a proud moment for SCOPE, Ms. Soma Mondal said that PSEs have time and again instantaneously responded to the transformations at workplace and the pandemic was no exception. She added that the report gives an optimised insight into how women workforce are managing this new normal.

Mr. Atul Sobti stated that this is a path breaking study where highest number of public sector women employees participated. He added that the report is an important step towards developing Gender inclusive work policy in PSEs that facilitates equal opportunities to women workforce. He called for creation of better opportunities to encourage more women at work and also advised senior management to gain insight from the Study and Guidelines launched.

Ms. Sanchir Tugschimeg commended the active and consistent effort of SCOPE and ILO encouraging deeper insights into this new reality at work.

Mr. Ranjan Mohapatra said that PSEs may circulate and look at active adoption of the guidelines customised to their organisational needs s WfH is a perennial reality today.

As the pandemic has been catalyst in adopting WfH arrangement, the SCOPE ILO study offers detailed insights about advantages and challenges of WfH after administering surveys including key informant interviews (KIIs) and one-on-one interviews with Senior Management including CMDs, Heads of HR and other executives. A record number of 1969 women executives in PSEs were interviewed to reckon the ground reality of the situation. The report also proposes a set of recommendations streamlined into guidelines for gender sensitive work from home policy in PSEs.

18th August, 2020

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) and International Labour Organisation (ILO), a tripartite U.N. agency signed an understanding for a Joint Study on “Women Empowerment - Adoption of Work from Home Model”. Mr Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE and Ms. Dagmar Walter, Director, ILO Decent Work Team for South Asia and Country Office for India signed the understanding virtually.

The key objective of the study is to analyse and train women in Public Sector in order to empower them and motivate them to aspire to positions of leadership and management by addressing challenges faced by them at work. The study succeeds an earlier study of SCOPE & ILO whereby a team of Network of Champions was developed to train women in Public Sector on different aspects.

7th August, 2020

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) and The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL),USA, engaged in learning and development with focus on effective leadership development, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to conduct a study on ‘Developing Future Fluent Leaders in PSEs.’ The MoU was signed between Mr Atul Sobti, Director General SCOPE and Mr. Muniinder Anand, MD-India & South Asia, CCL.

The MoU aims at conducting a study on assessing the prevailing leadership gaps and curating a learning module on developing effective and efficient leaders in the Indian Public Sector. The study shall adopt a qualitative and quantitative research methodologybased on responses and experiences of the present leadership which would be further analyzed to identify relevant skills, mind sets, and experiences for future-fluent PSE leader in India.

16th September 2019

In a major women empowerment initiative, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) in association with the International Labour Organization (ILO) launched ‘Network of Champions’. Mr Atul Sobti, Director General SCOPE along with Ms. Dagmar Walter, Director-India, ILO awarded Certificates to twelve Champions from various sectors of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) thereby entrusting them with the responsibility of being ‘change agents’ to encourage gender diversity and address gender issues in their respective organizations.

While addressing the participants, DG SCOPE raised concerns over reduction in proportionate employment of women in PSEs and said that this issue can be resolved by key aspects of ‘Attract, Retain and Engage’. He said that organizations need to change their mindset and utilize woman’s capability of team dynamism and multitask to the benefit of the organization and society at large. He opined that need of the hour is to strategise towards effective engagement of women at the work place thereby encouraging them to be efficiently employed. He reiterated that policies such as flexible working hours, matching job profile with requirement and aspirations of the women employees etc. would encourage women to effectively contribute to the organization. He concluded by saying that organizations need women more than women need organizations.

The program perspective and preview was given by Mr. Ravi Peiris, Senior Specialist Employers’ Activities and Dr. Malika Basu, Consultant of ILO. The event was attended by senior officials and employees of PSEs, SCOPE and ILO.