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24th March, 2021
Construing that change is the only constant, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) launched its official website with a new look. Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE launching the refurbished website said that “In line with our aim of being an Inspiring, Innovative and Impactful organisation, SCOPE decided to revamp its official website in line with the dynamic environment.” The new website www.scopeonline.in will provide enhanced interaction, information and swiftness in user interface.


27th September, 2020
Disruption in technology is the future of all industries, accelerating the need for automation of processes in organisations. To reckon the impact of the same, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised a webinar titled ‘Webinar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Business Automation’ with Deloitte. Ms. Priti Ray, Partner, Deloitte India; Mr. Prasad Godbole, Director, Deloitte India; Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE and Mr. Ashutosh Vasant, Director, RailTel addressed the participants. Over 800 participants including senior officials from Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) attended the webinar through SCOPE’s various platforms.

Mr. Atul Sobti in his address stated that the pandemic has been a litmus test for business around the globe leading to rapid adoption of technologies at work. He added that in the upcoming days, a wave of technological disruptions like AI and RPA will ultimately transform the entire working system but suggested to carefully select processes to augment further.

Deloitte team with Ms. Priti Ray and Mr. Prasad Godbole made a presentation and discussed the journey of Digital transformation around the globe highlighting the quantum and pace with which technology is changing at the moment. They further discussed the advantages and challenges of Automation and encouraged PSEs to adapt the same to be more efficient and globally competitive.

Mr. Ashutosh Vasant in his address said that while the future for technological disruption is bright, the right enthusiasm and adaption of the same in PSEs can help them excel in the future.

12th August, 2020
As COVID acts as a key catalyst for acceleration of digital technologies, organisations need to leverage these disruptions as future will be increasingly digital. To offer an insight in the same, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organised a webinar on ‘Digital Transformation in COVID 19.’ The webinar was addressed by Prof. Ashutosh Sharma,Secretary, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Mr. S.M. Vaidya, Chairman, IOCL, Mr. Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE, Mr. S. Sakthimani, Director (Finance), CCI, Mr. Sushant Rabra and Mr. Manas Majumdar, both partners in KPMG India addressed the meet. The Webinar was attended by over 2300 participants including senior official from Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) through SCOPE’s various platforms.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma in his address stated that the present era is of Industry 4.0 based on control of data, knowledge and wisdom and hence whoever is able to generate, control and build on data/ information shall succeed. He stated that it is imperative for organisations to assess their digital maturity and also where they want to reach so as to make most of the available opportunity to leverage digital tools. He also said that PSEs are strong pillars of the Indian economy and hence need to take advantage of latest technology, upskill and integrate business with emerging technologies so as to enlarge scope of organisations. Secretary, DST made a strong urge to the corporate sector to make optimal use of this clear and present opportunity to emerge stronger and skilled digitally.

Mr. Vaidya appreciated SCOPE for organising the webinar on digital transformation. While emphasizing on the need of digital transformation, he also briefed how IOCL leveraged technology for both business and employees.

Mr. Atul Sobti DG, SCOPE speaking about the digital journey stated that digital technology has broadened the horizon of business in the times of crisis. DG, SCOPE said that digital shall be the key even in post COVID times and hence the same needs to be leveraged by PSEs in order to be globally competitive. He highlighted three focus areas for PSEs in order to make most of the available opportunity – skilling, digital infrastructure and digitally enabled systems.

KPMG team presented on Digital integration in organisations during COVID and how it has brought new opportunities and innovative technologies at the threshold of all organisations. They also highlighted how digital can be utilised for value realisation for organisations.

While giving closing remarks, Mr. Sakthimani reiterated the fact that digital transformation is the requirement of the hour and hence all corporates should join hands to maximise this opportunity.

SCOPE SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises) organized a strategic meet of Senior Management of Central Public Sector Enterprises with Shri Ajit Seth, IAS (Retd.), Distinguished Fellow, Office of Principal Scientific Adviser and Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology at SCOPE Convention Centre, New Delhi. Shri Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE also addressed the meet. The participants deliberated on ways PSEs can contribute in inculcating Scientific Social Responsibility and developing linkages between science and society by providing technical and scientific solutions. CMDs and Directors of major PSEs attended the meeting.